7 Best Ways to Promote Your Restaurant

According to Restaurants Canada, even with most provinces moving forward with reopening plans, restaurants will still be operating at reduced capacity for the next few months. Most restaurants have been losing money or barely scraping by, and will need at least a year to get back to normal. Half of the industry faces the risk of closure without proper government support.

So how can YOU, as a restauranteur, help to promote those sales to keep you going? We’ve compiled a list of some of the best ways to get customers into your restaurant, and keep them coming back for more!

New Customers Discounts

Promotions make your customers happy. People love getting a good deal, and it is definitely a major incentive to make people want to try a restaurant or go out for food. Try offering time-sensitive promotions and discounts; the end date gives a sense of urgency, which will drive people to purchase from your establishment so that they don’t miss out.

One great way to promote discounts is with outdoor banners and lawn signs. If you are looking to attract nearby customers to your store there is no better way than utilizing eye-catching outdoor signage

Limited Time Deals

Offering your customers Buy-One-Get-One deals or Happy Hours is a great way to get people into your restaurant, especially at off-peak hours! Try offering 50% off appetizers or desserts after 8PM, and watch the late-night crowd gather.

Promote those daily specials and deals on a sandwich board outside, and watch people come in off the street to see what the fuss is all about!

Loyalty Programs

Setting up a loyalty program is a great incentive to get people coming back to your restaurant. Not only will they start coming back for the great food and drinks, they’ll start coming back for the sense of community they feel in your establishment.

Customer Reviews

Showcase the rave reviews that your customers leave for you! Reading reviews on your website, Google, or Facebook is a big factor in determining whether or not a customer is going to try your restaurant. Nowadays, people are always looking at online feedback, so get those 5-star reviews out there for people to see!

Host Special Events

Host an event at your space! Celebrate the holidays with a Thanksgiving special, or host a game night, trivia night, or movie night at your venue. When you draw in crowds by offering an extra incentive for them to come by, they’ll typically stay longer (and order more) if they’re participating in something while they’re dining.

Improve Your Online Presence

Having a presence online will make it easy for people to see who you are, where you are, and what you’re all about. Use this opportunity to share your personal story about when you first opened, and show the face behind the business. People will gravitate to a restaurant that looks unique and authentic.

Run a Giveaway

Offer a special giveaway or contest to gain attention. People love free stuff, and this will help draw people to your website, your social media, and your restaurant. Create a buzz and hype around your restaurant to gain attention and traction, and those potential leads will turn into soon-to-be customers.

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