How Long Does Car Wrap Last?

Wrapping your company vehicle is a great way to advertise your business.

Wherever your business travels, people will know about it. Wrapped vehicles can be viewed by tens of thousands of people every day – that’s a lot of potential customers. Car wraps are highly customizable, meaning that you can design your vehicle to be the perfect representation of your business. They are available in many different colours, designs, and finishes, as well as for full vehicles or just partial covering.

What are some benefits of car wraps?

Aside from their ability to transform your vehicle into an eye catching advertisement – a wrap acts as a protective barrier for the exterior of the vehicle while also breathing new life into an old car, making it something you want people to see instead of just a work truck!

Car wraps are not permanent so if you want, your vehicle can change and adapt with your business and it grows. A custom car wrap can be quite the investment depending on what you want – so how long does it last?

How long does vinyal wrap last on cars?

The average vinyl car wrap lasts five to seven years before it begins peeling, cracking, and bubbling. You can reach the longer end of this range and more (and save money in the process) with proper preparation and ongoing care for your vehicle. 

How do you properly prepare your vehicle for a wrap?

Before you have your car wrap installed, the most important thing you can do is thoroughly clean your vehicle. Do your research to find an approved cleaner for preparing your car and wash the entire exterior of your vehicle using a scratch-proof cloth. Your goal is to remove all traces of dirt, debris, and foreign substances from the surface. During the wrap installation process, your car will be washed again but this makes the process much easier and less time-consuming. If your car has any scratches, abrasions, or rust spots, it’s best to get those repaired before having a wrap applied. It is possible for the wrap to cover these imperfections but because the material is so thin and made to adhere to a smooth surface, these spots will be visible in the finished product and the lifespan of your wrap may be shortened.

How do you maintain your wrap?

After your wrap has been installed, the best way to maintain it is to keep it clean! Use a vinyl-safe cleanser and wash your vehicle regularly, focusing on the wrap. Dirt and foreign substances that are left on your vehicle’s wrap for an extended period can cause warping, fading, and discoloration, so it’s important to clean your vehicle when it’s dirty. Limit sun exposure and avoid extreme high and low temperatures whenever you can – park your vehicle indoors if you can. This will prevent cracking, warping, and fading for as long as possible.

Where can I get the best car wrap?

A great way to ensure you get the best result for your money is to choose a reputable company that uses high-quality materials like Signs For Less. Our professional installation and quality bold, durable, and highly customizable car wraps are sure to attract new customers on the road. Get in touch today to start planning your custom car wrap!

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