Custom Vehicle Magnet for Van

Will car magnets damage my vehicle?

You’re thinking of using a car magnet on the outside of your vehicle for some short term promotion, or to test out your new logo and how it looks before committing to something more permanent. Great idea! But you’ve got some concerns about whether or not it will cause damage to your vehicle. We’re here to set you straight.

Car magnets will NOT cause damage to your car’s paint, but it’s still important to install them properly and follow care instructions afterwards. Here are a few tips on how to make sure it’s applied correctly, and stays fresh looking for longer!

How to apply car magnets properly

Firstly, you’ll want to make sure the magnet is completely flat before putting it on your car. If you have concerns that it’s not completely flat, make sure to stick it to your refrigerator for at least 24 hours to ensure there are no curves or bends.

Make sure that all surface paints, waxes, or clear coats have hardened or cured completely. Ensure your vehicle is completely clean and dry. Do not place your magnet on top of rust spots or flaky paint, as the magnet will not stick well here.

For best results, you’ll want to ensure the magnetic material is making direct contact with a metal surface. If it’s attached to anything made of plastic, fibreglass, etc. or adhered to a car that already has a vinyl wrap, it will not work.

Lastly, be sure to place the magnet over an area which is completely flat. Placing it on top of bumps, creases, or curves can create air pockets, which means your magnet could fly off your vehicle while driving (not good!)

How to maintain them properly

Car magnets will block the paint from UV sun rays and fading, so it’s recommended to remove them from your vehicle occasionally in order to give some sun exposure. When you’re not using them, you can keep them looking brand new by storing it in a clean and dry place. Don’t store it in the trunk or on the seats of your car, as the internal temperature in there can get very hot! Past 65° C your magnet will no longer work properly. Be sure to store it completely flat, ideally on a smooth and level surface. Don’t put anything on top of it, and don’t stack multiple signs with the magnets facing each other. 

To protect them against dirt build up while on the vehicle, check the signs daily and clean if necessary. Once a week, be sure to pull the sign off and clean and inspect it (especially if it’s been raining!) Follow these placement and care instructions, and you’ll get some great use out of those car magnets!

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